FESTIVAL Combining pictorial references to the beginnings of its programming, Essaouira Mogador Association says it all: that of an issue that transcends the arts, paying tribute to the "Judeo-Muslim artistic symbiosis" true beating heart of Atlantic Andalusias of Essaouira. An exceptional program and ensuring a renewed emotion so we expect this year, with a special tribute to the fact souiris and talents.  Emblematic of the communion between religions, ages and music, the annual Festival of Essaouira Atlantic Andalusias book at each of its editions a lot of precious moments, memorable, artistic, poetic and humanistic, through an exploration of the musical repertoire Jewish-Muslim (Andalusian, chaabi, malhoun ...) navigates willingly to the different shores of the Mediterranean.  Under the leadership of Artistic Director, Françoise Atlan, itself musicologist, singer and pianist, and in line with the greatest ambassador of this event, the king's advisor Mr. André Azoulay commitments, the festival is firmly positioned against the withdrawal, against the "divide" between peoples and cultures. It reflects well proudly legacy and specificity of Essaouira, his new home for 11 years.  On behalf of knowledge "living together" anchored in the rocks, families and the memories that live in the city, in body or spirit, Essaouira each year celebrates diversity and new encounters.  From October 30 to November 2, 2014, come as you share these precious moments ... An air of "reconquest" by souiris  It is in these terms that the Essaouira Mogador Association, written by André Azoulay, proudly presents the next edition of the Atlantic Andalusias. A rare artistic event will punctuate this edition because young researchers and musicians from the conservatory of music in Essaouira, under the direction of Mr. Amara Abdessamad, took up the challenge to reconstruct an old score over 180 years (1832), played at the time before the Sultan Moulay Abd Er Raham, and never again performed since the 19th century. "Myth" song called Lqoddam Jdid Saouiriqui reborn in our ears ...  The issue seems more ways than one register in the heritage and history of Essaouira-Mogador. Further demonstrated by the presence of Abderrahim Souiri Abdelmajid Souiri but the female chorus of Essaouira and its various brotherhoods throughout the four days and nights of partying.  Celebrating Women  Like its artistic director, Françoise Atlan, the festival of Atlantic Andalusias comes annually to women and the nicest possible way. The flamanca Seville school will tread the boards of Dar Souiri and the big stage, as Sanae Maharati, Neta El Kayam (photo) ouFatna Garti to name a few ...  Exceptional moments and so many other unpredictable  The coming of the orchestra under the direction of Tetouan Amin El Akrami will certainly be strong next time, but our experience of the festival, know that programming is not enough to tell you everything. You say that we must experience the festival in order to grasp the brilliance that each day will be marked with a unique moment, improvised, a meeting or a favorite, a jubilation or unexpected dance under the banner of the party. Each edition has previously reserved its share of surprises, gift to privileged we are. Also, perhaps, will you the chance to share these moments during the four days of excitement ahead in Essaouira at the end of October.
Essaouira se mobilise contre la déperdition scolaire

Together for a school without wastage "is the theme of the caravan of social mobilization to support the school, held from 15 September to 15 November in the province of Essaouira, with the aim to curb this phenomenon and limit its impact.  Initiated under the 2014-2015 school year by the Provincial Delegation of Education in Essaouira in partnership with relevant government departments, authorities and local authorities and civil society communities, the caravan also seeks to mobilize the educational actors and raise awareness of the dangers of wastage and the importance of the principle of compulsory education and the means to implement it. It is to identify students who have not joined their classes under the 2014-2015 season, understand the reasons behind this attitude and try to recover this category, as well as of-school children aged under 15. To this end, meetings will be facilitated by educational staff, elected officials and associations, particularly in the most affected by this phenomenon regions. Awareness campaigns and mobilization will target the affected populations, whether in the souks and mosques, in addition to recovering students who have not joined the classes and children identified during the operation "child to child" , registration of identified children aged 6 to 9 years in school education, the integration of identified children aged 9-16 years in the non-formal education (grades second chance), and the widespread support office in schooling for primary and college levels.  Monitoring of the operation is entrusted to a provincial team, who will include preparing reports on the progress of the caravan and operations in this framework. Directors of educational institutions also assume a monitoring mission in coordination with the authorities, politicians and parents' associations.

The men Amal Sportif Essaouira team (ASE), which missed the mark twice in the final of the championship and the cup throne (2013-2014), captures this season with a strong desire to do better than the last year, especially as regional and continental challenges looming ahead.  Thus, in addition to the league and the Cup, the team knows souirie seen his previous experiences, foals Faisal Ghennam new coach will have to play on the regional front, the Arab league, and possibly on the continental level, with the African club Championship. *  ESA and relies on an army of newly recruited new players to strengthen the backbone of the team and allow him to play on different fronts.  "The finishing touches were put on the backbone of the team. Were recruited for this purpose several top players," said, in this sense, the chief financial officer of ESA, Khalid Sirhane.  "We have called on the Senegalese international Djibril Thiam, who played in Japan and the United States. We rely heavily on his experience to bring added value is expected of them. We also signed with the Moroccan international, Reda Ghanimi, which has proven itself in the national championship and as a professional overseas. There is also the American player Larry Williams, from Maghreb Fez and Loughlimi Mohamed, who played in Italy "said Mr. Sirhane.  "These new recruits, combined with old elements, form a group capable of imposing this year, especially since we're betting on the securities," he has said, highlighting the many deadlines that await the team this year.  In addition to the national championship and cup, another challenge awaits the team in Sale, which will house the Arab Clubs Champions Championship in late October, he said, adding that "we have also received a letter from the federation to confirm our participation in the qualifiers for the African championship "and that" a meeting will be held to make a decision about it. " For his part, Faisal Ghennam says that with regard to the championship, which this year will be played under a new scheme, the priority is to maintain, before aiming the title.  "This season is different from the last. This is always two hens, but with three relegations in each group. So the first goal will be to finish in the top four, which would allow us to maintain and play the play -offs. "then if we can qualify for the last four, all would be possible," the French-Moroccan technician.  "In the Arab championship scheduled in Sale, we hope to strengthen one or two Moroccan players and we'll see then if we can create a little surprise there. Anyway players are motivated," said the former player the younger French team and the Moroccan team junior who has already taken the destinies of several Moroccan clubs, like the Maghreb Fez, Renaissance Berkane, Ittihad Tanger, after a career as a player, and to France coach.  Faisal Ghennam also points out that, as part of his second position in the team, which is the technical director of the club, he led a project to "restructure all youth categories, so as to create an identity similar working what we want in the first team, especially at the level of organization and planning, in addition to training cadres clubs, through theoretical sessions and weekly practices. " When asked about this new experience in Essaouira, the young technician emphasizes that "there is a lot of pressure. The public has high expectations. People here speak only of basketball. Everybody is focused on the team."  "I understand and I respect that passion for the team, but I think we should let the players and the staff work. I think the arrival of experienced players can help the team to withstand this pressure and manage for matches. Besides, it is one of the parameters that were taken into account when recruiting, "he has said.

Riad in Essaouira - Restaurant, Hotel in Essaouira - Enjoy your holidays in Essaouira, Mogador, Morocco

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We offer you the godd adresses in Essaouira Mogador for Accomodation and leisures :  Riad, Hotel, Guest House, Apartment, but also Restaurants as well as all the activities: Surf, Windsurf, Kitesurf, Horse, Quad, Camel, ...

Essaouira, also known as Mogador, is proud to introduce you to this peace heaven, that attracted so many visitors since its building. Discover the harmony of its treasures, its colors, its architecture and the cultures that make it one of the most beautiful city in Morocco


Dar Ness

From 39 to 60 €
Accomodation Essaouira Dar Ness

Beautifully situated on the central square Moulay Hassan, Dar Ness is located 100 meters from the harbor parking lot. You stay in a riad built with simplicity and elegance. 

Accomodation Dar Ness

Jack's Apartments & Suites

From 30 €
Accomodation Essaouira Jack's Apartments & Suites

Jack's apartments are situated in buildings which are centuries old. 

Accomodation Jack's Apartments & Suites

Riad Zelaka

Price: 60 €

We offer live a thunderbolt for your holiday at Riad Zelaka 


Dar Kenavo

From 400 Dh
Accomodation Essaouira Dar Kenavo

13 km from Essaouira, you will be greeted  in a traditional home around a charming patio.

Accomodation Dar Kenavo

Villa Saada

From 50 €
Accomodation Essaouira Villa Saada

Villa Saada, recently refurbished and renovated, offers a break in the countryside of Essaouira.

Accomodation Villa Saada

Hôtel Emeraude

From 39 €
Accomodation Essaouira Hôtel Emeraude

Fade into the background of the medina in the heart of the walled city of Mogador Hotel Emerald is a traditional riad.

Accomodation Hôtel Emeraude

Riad Caverne d'Ali Baba

From 250 Dh
Accomodation Essaouira Riad Caverne d'Ali Baba

Hotel Caverne d’ Ali Baba is a traditional Moroccan Riad of 18th century completely restored. 

Accomodation Riad Caverne d'Ali Baba

Riad Dar Assalama

From 50 €
Accomodation Essaouira Riad Dar Assalama

At the heart of the medina of Essaouira, a beautiful riad with 4 bedrooms and 2 suites. 

Accomodation Riad Dar Assalama





The LOUBOU'S is a theater and art, music and dance. Since the inauguration of the artists perform there.



From 30 Dh
Restaurants Essaouira PAUSE GOURMANDE

Time for a " Pause Gourmande "come meet Mostafa and Angélique. 
Their mixed French-Moroccan restaurant because of their a feast for the taste buds. 


Pizza Latina

Restaurants Essaouira Pizza Latina

Pizza, burgers, chef's eat in or take away, free shipping

Restaurants Pizza Latina

Il Mare

From 200 Dh
Restaurants Essaouira Il Mare

Il Mare is one of the most famous addresses in the gastronomy of the port of Essaouira.

Restaurants Il Mare

La Découverte

Restaurants Essaouira La Découverte

Present for more than 7 years, and recommended by many international guides, we offer our specialties and creative dishes.

Restaurants La Découverte

La Mama

Restaurants Essaouira La Mama

La Mama Restaurant is an Italian restaurant in the city of Essaouira. The atmosphere is friendly, warm and friendly.

Restaurants La Mama

Le Sirocco

From 150 Dh
Restaurants Essaouira Le Sirocco

Years recommended by all guides  Le Sirocco restaurant is essential to Essaouira. 

Restaurants Le Sirocco



Activity type: 



Nautical sports 


From 150 Dh
Activities Essaouira LES RANDOS DES DUNES

Aziz offers hiking at Camel & horse: 

1 hour: 150 dirhams 

2h dh 250 

3h 350 dh 

3h + picnic 450 dh 

day + picnic 700 dh 

overnight camp (tents + dinner) 1000 dh


Ecotourisme & Randonnees

Activities Essaouira Ecotourisme & Randonnees

Ride for the day or half day at home with family, and explanations of natural environments.

Activities Ecotourisme & Randonnees

Ocean Vagabond Club Mistral

From 20 €
Activities Essaouira Ocean Vagabond Club Mistral

OCEAN VAGABOND has been established in the Bay of Essaouira since 1995, and since 2004 has been home to Club Mistral-Skyriders.

Activities Ocean Vagabond Club Mistral

Ranch De Diabat

From 150 Dh/h
Activities Essaouira Ranch De Diabat

The Ranch de Diabat born fifteen years ago by one family.

Activities Ranch De Diabat


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