Concours culinaire à Essaouira

Specialized in Hospitality and Tourism in Essaouira closely with industry professionals institute recently organized the second edition of the culinary competition under the theme " flavors from here and elsewhere." According Bennani Abderrahim , Regional Director OFPPTT in Atlantic Marrakech, Moroccan cuisine is characterized by its diversity and variety of dishes from the Arab influences, Berber , Jewish, African and Andalusian . wealth that has allowed Morocco to position the Top 3 global cuisine after France and Italy. The current culinary competition , has he added , organized in close collaboration with professionals in Essaouira will enrich and enhance the flavors of Moroccan cuisine through a sharing exercise . This will particularly benefit young interns who will have the opportunity to work with experienced chefs . Rachid Zenoual , director of the Institute specialized in Hospitality and Tourism in Essaouira, this culinary competition is the result of a fruitful cooperation between the Institute on the one hand , and the tourism industry on the other. Cooperation maintained and consolidated by a number of events like the current contest in which , inter alia, strengthening the skills of the trainees, and the sharing of knowledge and experiences between professionals. The role of the institute , said Rachid Zenoual , is to provide the tourism sector in qualified human resources. To this end , 1199 winners have graduated after specialized training since the opening of the institute in 2009. For Frédérique Anselmo, director of a hotel group in Essaouira, it is quite normal to join the program of the Institute that supports the training of young people who will be recruited later by professionals. The trainees, she added , need input from professionals to improve their skills and expertise.

Often referred to as a lifestyle Moroccan , especially to discuss the thousand and one delights of traditional cuisine. But what would you opt for another approach, and combine business with pleasure by arguing instead that sustains unart Moroccan ?   This project concerns the development of a book attached to Moroccan cuisine , created by and for beneficiaries of Essaouira Association under unedémarche employability at women in a precarious situation. All sales will be donated to their cooperative. GENESIS PROJECT   There is a year that I discovered the Women's Charity Association El Khir I decided to come as a volunteer to meet Morocco more intimately. I wanted to come into contact with non-francophone women , andthe kitchen proved to be an excellent way to share intimate moments and discoveries.   It is that the association has helped create a cooperative kitchen that is hosted on its premises. Admiring the course of these women determined to be independent , I started with them in creating a cookbook that pay tribute to their courage and is perhaps a source of additional income.   My first trip lasted only ten days, the book was done, but stuck to a pdf version ... I'm happy part , but with the feeling that I wanted something interesting to operate and which involved a near return.   That's why I came back, and this time for two months! I want to complete this project because it motivates all members and responds more to a demand by tourists who come to cooking workshops and wish to start with a book. And there it is not any book, but one that combines recipes and portraits of strong women, proud of their career and their expertise .   The book thus offers a reading two levels: Moroccan cuisine as such , but intimately presented by women who live the art learned from their mothers and grandmothers. There will be the horns of gazelles Leila , Bouchra couscous , pastilla chicken almond - Zahra, and many more! Here Zahra and pastilla , to give you an idea of the spirit of the book : FOCUS ON AFBK   The Women's Charity Association for Women El Khir is a Moroccan association ( law 1956) established since 1998 in the province of Essaouira where she is helping women in difficult situations : single mothers, widows , divorcees, victims domestic violence , women isolated rural ...   Its main tasks are the awareness of health issues , literacy, tutoring , legal and psychological support in order to promote the economic empowerment of women in developing income-generating activities . Each year, subsidizing vocational training AFBK sixty women in cooking, baking and hotel maintenance. However, the crisis also affects this city which relies heavily on tourism and is part of one of the poorest regions of the kingdom .   Obtaining a degree does not necessarily guarantee a stable job then , especially as the labor market suffers from deregulation . This is why the creation of a cooperative kitchen proved to be a solution for some of the women who attended the cooking and baking training in 2012 .   The book in this context is a way of showcasing their careers, their activities , and enable self-financing of the cooperative by its sale. What will the collection ? The financial support we need is only to print the book in a local publisher in Essaouira , to minimize costs.   The book will be 56 pages of / 16 size 16 , color printing recto / verso on coated paper 170 g , cover on coated paper 350g , glossy lamination.   The minimum is 1000 pieces , making a total of 18,000 Moroccan dirham ( MAD ) or 1,604.52 euros, as I rounded to 1605 euros. I want to clarify that if a book is quite MA- GNI -cific , with beautiful pictures , beautiful food and beautiful models :)   If ever donations are more than the sum fixed at the outset , we know what to do ! This used first to pay the 8% retained on the initial budget by KissKissBankBank website , then allow us to make an evening of book launch in the company of participants and our local partners , and finally to make more gifts return to our dear donors will forever anyway welcome to Essaouira !

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We offer you the godd adresses in Essaouira Mogador for Accomodation and leisures :  Riad, Hotel, Guest House, Apartment, but also Restaurants as well as all the activities: Surf, Windsurf, Kitesurf, Horse, Quad, Camel, ...

Essaouira, also known as Mogador, is proud to introduce you to this peace heaven, that attracted so many visitors since its building. Discover the harmony of its treasures, its colors, its architecture and the cultures that make it one of the most beautiful city in Morocco


Dar Ness

From 39 to 60 €
Accomodation Essaouira Dar Ness

Beautifully situated on the central square Moulay Hassan, Dar Ness is located 100 meters from the harbor parking lot. You stay in a riad built with simplicity and elegance. 

Accomodation Dar Ness

Jack's Apartments & Suites

From 30 €
Accomodation Essaouira Jack's Apartments & Suites

Jack's apartments are situated in buildings which are centuries old. 

Accomodation Jack's Apartments & Suites

Riad Zelaka

Price: 60 €

We offer live a thunderbolt for your holiday at Riad Zelaka 


Villa Maroc

From 990 Dh
Accomodation Essaouira Villa Maroc

Among the hotels in Essaouira, Morocco Villa is the first riad has this fashionable style of accommodation throughout Morocco.

Accomodation Villa Maroc

Riad Saltana

From 30 €
Accomodation Essaouira Riad Saltana

At the heart of Essaouira's medina, Riad Saltana is a typical Moroccan riad. 

Accomodation Riad Saltana

Hôtel Vent des Dunes

From 32 €

Hotel Vent Des Dunes is a large family villa surrounded by a flower garden


Dar Raha Othello

From 40 to 50 €
Accomodation Essaouira Dar Raha Othello

Riad DAR RAHA OTHELLO "family home" is located in the heart of the medina of Essaouira.

Accomodation Dar Raha Othello

Le Cactus Bleu

From 28 to 58 €
Accomodation Essaouira Le Cactus Bleu

Real guest house situated near the old Medina listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Accomodation Le Cactus Bleu





The LOUBOU'S is a theater and art, music and dance. Since the inauguration of the artists perform there.


La Mama

Restaurants Essaouira La Mama

La Mama Restaurant is an Italian restaurant in the city of Essaouira. The atmosphere is friendly, warm and friendly.

Restaurants La Mama

Pizza Latina

Restaurants Essaouira Pizza Latina

Pizza, burgers, chef's eat in or take away, free shipping

Restaurants Pizza Latina

La Découverte

Restaurants Essaouira La Découverte

Present for more than 7 years, and recommended by many international guides, we offer our specialties and creative dishes.

Restaurants La Découverte

Il Mare

From 200 Dh
Restaurants Essaouira Il Mare

Il Mare is one of the most famous addresses in the gastronomy of the port of Essaouira.

Restaurants Il Mare

Le Sirocco

From 150 Dh
Restaurants Essaouira Le Sirocco

Years recommended by all guides  Le Sirocco restaurant is essential to Essaouira. 

Restaurants Le Sirocco



Activity type: 



Nautical sports 

Ranch De Diabat

From 150 Dh/h
Activities Essaouira Ranch De Diabat

The Ranch de Diabat born fifteen years ago by one family.

Activities Ranch De Diabat

Essa Evasion

Camel ride

Discover the region of Essaouira: hiking on foot or dromedary, 4x4 tours or ATV. Tea break, meals, accommodation in the Lives or Bivouac.

Camel ride

Ocean Vagabond Club Mistral

From 20 €
Activities Essaouira Ocean Vagabond Club Mistral

OCEAN VAGABOND has been established in the Bay of Essaouira since 1995, and since 2004 has been home to Club Mistral-Skyriders.

Activities Ocean Vagabond Club Mistral

Ecotourisme & Randonnees

Activities Essaouira Ecotourisme & Randonnees

Ride for the day or half day at home with family, and explanations of natural environments.

Activities Ecotourisme & Randonnees


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